The Story of Home

At its essence, Coral Crest reflects a timeless architectural expression that is grounded in one of the world’s most coveted locations through its incomparable relationship to the ocean.

The homesites are set high enough to allow for long distance views of the deep blue Pacific Ocean and incredible sunsets. The entire community was conceived and designed to orient homeowners’ lives towards these dramatic views.

My firm chose to use three styles found along the Mediterranean coast because of their proven and enduring quality. We studied architectural characteristics in the southern coastal regions of Spain, France and Italy as the shared climates in these regions provide the inspiration behind our indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Each home is designed with a commitment to allow our homeowners the opportunity to connect, interact and feel the outdoors. This is accomplished through a series of outdoor courtyards and glass door options so wide as to blur the distinction between the inside and the outside.

Living at Coral Crest means living with the ocean in a way few will ever experience.