The Story of Home

I believe in the authenticity of place. Coral Canyon’s architecture is an expression of both the existing character of Crystal Cove and the neighborhood’s singular relationship to the canyon. The canyon demanded something fresh. Something inspiring. Something rooted in the soul of this special place.

Through deep study and research, my team and I arrived at a specific version of Mediterranean-inspired architecture that tied Coral Canyon’s unique relationship to the rolling hills, arid climate and visual flora. We found much of our inspiration in Ibiza, Spain.

I feel as though the architecture ultimately is connected to the romance of Mediterranean style but evolves into something more memorable through our single-story flat roofs that ground the residences to the land. Neutral exterior materials that are softer to the eye. More texture and tone. Lighter and brighter. And a commitment to balancing indoor and outdoor living spaces with glass walls that bi-fold open in unexpected places and ways.

We want what we’ve created at Coral Canyon to be memorable. And to leave all who experience it with a lasting feeling of what HOME should feel like.