Feng Shui

For more than 3,000 years, the ancient art and science of Feng Shui has been revered and practiced around the world. Through Balanced Living, NEW HOME strives to apply many of these same principles of balanced energy in any given space to the communities we build.

NEW HOME embraced Feng Shui guiding principles throughout the development of Orchard Park in San Jose, engaging a Feng Shui master to consult on the land plan and product design to ensure the community achieved a true north/south orientation. A “Ming Tong” ceremony was held during construction in which coins were buried deep in the land, ensuring good fortune to all who choose to live at Orchard Park.

Lambert Ranch in Irvine, one of the most popular and fastest-selling communities in the nation, was designed to reflect and incorporate meaningful Feng Shui principles. Consulting with a Feng Shui master, NEW HOME applied the natural topography of the Lambert Ranch site to create what is commonly known as “The Emperor’s Throne” within the community plan. This best practice in Feng Shui allows for the Lambert Ranch community’s most northern point to gently rest against a hill with The Ranch House’s community pool, drawing a strong connection between water and its related importance to wealth and opportunity. A “Ming Tong” ceremony was help in order to activate the symbolic nature of these forces.