For over a quarter century, Ward Young Architects (WYA) has established a reputation for well designed and executed projects, ranging in scale from resort hotels to single-family homes. WYA’s innovative approach to design excellence allows for unique and timeless solutions that fit, wear, and live as architectural statements.

Q: How did the community and surrounding area of Lafayette inspire the architectural aesthetic and overall design of Woodbury?

WYA: Lafayette is a town very rich in history. As such, the actual architecture reflects a more traditional style, focusing on the empty nester buyer who is more comfortable with this design. Woodbury is located towards the west end of Lafayette, which transitions from the an open space landscape with rolling hills to the more developed and retail focused part of downtown. First and foremost, defining a connection between the homes and the outdoors was key. Spacious, grandeur decks, where you can truly put a seating area and a table for dining, really capture that indoor/outdoor feel.

Q: What makes the Garden Flats Woodbury such a unique offering in Lafayette?

WYA: The Garden Flats are intended to make the experience of living in a smaller, single-story residence like living in your own private, single-family home. Each level has only one shared wall, so there’s significant privacy in addition to semi-private elevators and garages. The limited shared walls also bring in light and fresh air from three sides. This is how people want to experience their homes, with privacy, space and connectivity to the outdoors.

Q: What can a homeowner anticipate life to feel like living at the Terrace Flats?

WYA: The Terrace Flats boast very efficient floorplans, and were designed to utilize space in the most productive way possible. We focused on maximizing space in a smaller space. Imagine a state-of-the-art new residence with a master suite, kitchen and living room of great scale with a smaller guest bedroom that sits vacant for 350 days a year. This is the concept of the Terrace Flats. Homeowners also have direct access to Woodbury’s private exercise room and community room that are located in the Terrace Flats building.

Q: How do the floorplans cater to the move-down buyer’s desires?

WYA: We always knew that we wanted to do these large flats, but the concept of the floorplan itself was key. Woodbury caters to the move-down buyers’ desire for single-story living and to downsize from a 5,000 to 7,000 square foot home without compromising space. The master suites are large and luxurious, while oversized great rooms serve as the cornerstone of the flats. Maximizing the living space of the rooms homeowners use most was integral to giving a sense of openness and focused spaciousness.