Architecture as Art

EBTA Architects has been specializing in custom residential and commercial projects since the company’s establishment in 1993. EBTA’s dedication to creating a harmonious balance of aesthetics, creativity and functionality is a philosophy reflected in every aspect of their design work.

Q: How did Twenty Oaks’ hillside location influence the architecture and orientation of the homes?

Twenty Oaks offered an extremely unique opportunity to build a neighborhood into the existing fabric of the Thousand Oaks community. We wanted every home to have the ability to overlook the hills, mountains and valleys with unobstructed views. The land and surrounding open spaces at Twenty Oaks provided us with the advantage of spreading out the homes to allow for more integration of the outdoors and expansive yards.

Q: How did the surrounding community of Thousand Oaks help distinguish the three architectural styles of Twenty Oaks – American Classic, Spanish and Monterey?

Thousand Oaks’ architectural history is very rich, capturing trends from 20th Century architects across the world. We wanted to emulate both the early California styles and the more regional trends of Los Angeles to remain timeless. The American Classic showcases a northeastern Cape Cod elevation with traditional colonial details, while the Spanish style homes offer more of an adobe feel. The Monterey elevation is a blending of the two with craftsman details and Spanish structure.

Q: What makes the single-story floorplans such a unique way to live in Thousand Oaks?

The single-story floorplans simplify homeowners’ circulation within the home. Instead of walking though a front door and heading down a long hallway, homeowners enter through a courtyard and feel an immediate connection to the outdoors. Not only do the courtyards provide two-directional light throughout the entire home, but they also connect all living areas together. The great room, dining room and even optional bedrooms surround the courtyard, allowing the indoors to seamlessly integrate with the outside.

Q: What makes life in the two-story homes at Twenty Oaks so exceptional?

The two-story homes center around this idea of spatial integration. Instead of having a number of smaller rooms separated by walls, we focused on layering the homes from within. The great room is juxtaposed to the formal dining room, kitchen, morning room and even outdoor loggia allowing homeowners to transition from one room to the next.

Q: What is the first thing you a hope a buyer feels when they walk into their home at Twenty Oaks?

Our hope is that every homeowner feels they are home, not only within their new residence, but also within Thousand Oaks. To feel a connection between where you are living and a sense of place within the community is the key to really feeling at home. At Twenty Oaks, each home was intentionally designed with his hope in mind.